The Story

CATIE Q is a Finnish jewellery brand. We design accessories for the modern femme to complement her feminine features.

The story of CATIE Q started when one woman needed to feel special and beautiful again. The process of becoming whole led to the creation of jewellery that nurtures this ultimate need in all of us.

The designs are based on the visual intuition of the founder and designer, Terhi Silenius, who finds inspiration from the spectrum of womanhood, the diversity of northern nature and travels abroad. The name CATIE comes from her middle name and Q from the word unique.

Design philosophy

For us, an earring is more than just a piece of jewellery. It is something that completes your beautiful and special features. We make jewellery that doesn’t only make you look good but also feel good.

We aim to create designs that are timeless and adaptable – something that dresses you up daily and in glamorous moments. Pieces that are made to last beyond seasons and decades.

Our production process combines craftsmanship with modern printing and laser cut techniques. We aim to use suppliers who use sustainable manufacturing practices and materials that are from a renewable source and easy to recycle. In our products, we use only natural materials like Finnish wood and steel.